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  • Do you offer refunds or returns?
    Only on selected item(s) that are stated/ If not stated then it's as is
  • Are items as is?
    (Most items are as is), unless stated on item itself (Will be writen BIG AND BOLD) Can be returned or refunded.
  • How much does shipping coast?
    All depends on size/ weight and where the item(s) are going. Items 2lbs or less we ship USPS Items 3-50lbs we like to Ship UPS, *This is a rough quote because of price changes. *These prices can change without notice. As of 1/1/23 Lbs. Shipping Carrier 0-0.5 $4.75 USPS 0.5-1 $6.75 USPS 1-2 $9.75 UPS 2-3 $12.75 UPS 3-4 $14.75 UPS 4-5 $16.75 UPS 5-6 $20.75 UPS 6-7 $24.75 UPS 7-8 $28.75 UPS 8-9 $30.75 UPS
  • How fast is Shipping?
    All depends on processing of credit card and the location of where item(s) are going (The average is 3-5 business days)
  • Do you give discounts?
    Yes, We offer a permanent 15% discount just for using our website by entering the promo code listed on website.
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