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Store Policy

Thank You for taking the time to look through all the goodies.

We try to carry a little of everything.

We're adding items everyday to build a huge library of inventory at a fair price.

We do look at E-Bay's prices to see what items are selling for and if it has shipping charges.

You’re more then welcome at anytime to ask for a lower price,

my rule of thumb is give it a couple of days 1st before reducing the price.

* We are selling new items, used items and antiques.

We do buy out closing stores and units with higher valued items when possible.

We always give good customer service at all times with fast response.

(Please have the same courtesy)

Please remember we are listed on many sites trying to answer everyone's questions about an item.

We strive to take care of those interested in the order they interest comes through for every item.

*** Please, if you have no intention of buying an item and tie it up for a couple of days by no response or no-shows, you will be removed from our page.

Sometimes the interest of an item can get several responses at the same time.

Please don't be upset if you’re not the one who gets the item.

The chances of us getting the same item again are pretty good!

* Our pick-up point is always the same place in Mont Alto, PA

* We will be setting up permanent times very soon to suit everyone to be able to pick-up their items as fast as possible but for now we just find a time that works for both parties.

* Shipping is now available on selected item(s) at a flat rate price by the US postal service. (If It fits it Ships)

Price for flat rate will be determined by Post Master.  You will be told upfront of shipping coast.

* There are no warranties on any items sold other then specified by the manufacturer inside a sealed box.

* All items must be picked up and paid for in 48 hours otherwise item(s) go back for sale to the public.

* We now accept: Cash, PayPal, Debit, MasterCard/ Visa Credit Cards.

When using PayPal, send payment to

And choose the Friends and Family option to avoid fees, please!

* We only offer selected item(s) to be refunded or returned  (WHY), These items are used and sold as is.

If the item is stated can be returned or refunded, (It Will be).

(*If nothing stated, then it's as is.)

Thank you so much for looking at our site and we hope to do business with you real soon.

Thank you again and God bless the animals.

Payment Methods

Payment Methods:

PayPal, Venmo & All Major Credit Cards

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